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"A peculiar and unnerving atmospheric short about isolation, obsession and creation, which follows an isolated man's ritualistic compulsions in the pursuit survival, even if it means he must part with his own flesh and blood. Though absent of dialogue, Keratin retains a powerful voice through a haunting score." - Leeds International Film Festival

"The cinematography by Andrew Butler (also credited as co-director) is fantastic. Shot choices are exquisite, with mounted cameras on objects, still shots, and the hand-held scenes are great also. It’s rare that a short film comes along with such a tight edit, wonderful sound (both audibly and musically) and engaging performances. Keratin provides all of this and even though it’s quite a simple structured story, the ideas and thoughts it provokes merit that." - UK Film Review

Official Selection - Leeds International Film Festival (BAFTA and OSCAR qualifying) //  Official Selection - Encounters Short Film Festival (BAFTA Qualifying) // Official Selection - CineCity Film Festival // Official Selection - Chiliwack Interntional Film Festival // Official Selection - New Renaissance Film Festival //  Best Film - Short To The Point Film Festival // Best Screenplay - Short To The Point Film Festival // Official Selection - Atlanta Shortsfest // Best Cinematographer - European Cinematography Awards // Best Director- Gold Movie Awards // Best Colour Grade - Gold Movie Awards // Finalist - NYCA 2020 // Finalist - Canadian Cinematography Awards // Official Selection - Rome Independent Prisma Awards