I am a Brighton/London based Director of Photography and Lighting Cameraman, working both nationally and internationally. I consider myself truly lucky to work in this industry and have experienced some wonderful places and events with a camera in my hand. I thrive on the challenge of telling a story creatively, and particularly enjoy the collaborative nature of the film-making process. As someone who is always looking to progress and improve, I continually analyse my work and look for new approaches - whether it be shooting passion projects or studying cinematography. I will never be able to learn everything there is to know about the process, but that is what makes things so exciting - there's always something new to learn and new ideas to explore. 

My work spans across a variety of genres, including documentary, feature film, music video, commercial and branded content. I have experience working with a variety of camera formats, including the range of Arri's, Red and Sony cameras. I am equally comfortable working as part of a small team or a larger crew  (I have a trusted lighting and camera crew that I can call upon when needed).

Back when I was considered 'young' and I hadn't yet hit the wrong side of 30, I was awarded the 'Broadcast Tech Young Talent' award in the camera category. This award recognises outstanding achievement of those under 30 working in the television industry. Swiftly after this, I was asked to visit 10 Downing Street to meet the prime minister as a representative of the UK's freelance workforce. 

In 2017, the no-budget feature docu-drama 'In Another Life' won 'Best UK feature film' at Raindance Film Festival, as well as the 'discovery' award at the British Independent Film Awards. Working alongside Director Jason Wingard, I shot the film in and around the 'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais, as well as the smaller but more dangerous camp in Dunkirk.

I have extensive experience shooting abroad and I am well versed in completing carnet lists. I also possess an iVisa, which allows me to work in the USA without restriction. Recent destinations I have filmed in include USA, Brazil, Russia, Chile, China and most of Europe.

Chosen for BFI Network X BAFTA Crew 2019, a National Lottery funded talent development scheme.